Vienna is known as the capital of classical music, coffee houses and for 2nd year in a row the capital of quality living, according to The Economist. 

The 1st place was snapped up by Vienna in 2018 when Melbourne used to hold it. 

Each year the Economist Intelligence Report gives 140 cities scores out of 100 on a range of factors such as living standards, crime, transport infrastructure, access to education and healthcare, as well as political and economic stability.

Vienna — known for its convenient public transport, refreshing Alpine tap water, and varied cultural life — scored 99.1 points out of 100, as it did last year.

Vienna leads also on 1st place in another survey, the annual quality of living index by human resources consulting firm Mercer, for the 10th time in a row in 2019. 


 But, why Vienna is ranked as the most liveable place in the world? What his recipe of success?  

  1. 1. Green areas everywhere. Even within its urban area, the city says that half of its surface is covered with some sort of greenery. Wherever you live, you will have a park a few mins walking. We always enjoy hosting our welcome, picnics, and parties in the Burggarten.
  2. 2. Drink from the Alps. Viennas super fresh drinking water comes direct from the Alps, and when we say it¬īs fresh we literally mean it, after a long day out during hot summer, a tap-water is all that you need to refresh. But if we need even more water to cool off in, a stretch of the Danube river is open for swimming, and for beach parties, in summer.¬†
  3. 3. Equality. The City of Vienna policies focuses on keeping the cost of living in check and preventing patterns of inequality and gentrification that have affected other big cities. For example, annual travelcards for public transport cost just one euro per day and now outnumber cars in the city. 
  4. 4. Affordable housing.¬† With around 60 percent of the city’s 1.8 million inhabitants living in a property where rents are capped. Thanks to government intervention, the price of rent in Vienna doesn¬īt exceed 50% of an average salary.
  5. 5. Safe. The city’s crime rate is the lowest it has been for almost 20 years. You can walk anywhere, anytime, in Vienna, you will actually love more the city during night time.¬†
  6. 6. Clear Policy Framework. Since its launch in 2013 and officially in 2014, the Smart City Vienna Framework places Quality of Living in its top priorities, and with a clear goal of keeping the 1st spot till 2050.  
  7. 7. House of the United Nations Headquarters and therefore local, regional and global NGOs working under its umbrella-like us. 


However, Vienna is also known as one of the most ¬ęunfriendly¬Ľ cities in the world for foreigners, according to a survey by Expats World, pointing the language barrier as a trigger to isolation and lack of integration.¬†


 Ready to explore and enjoy the social innovation ecosystem of Vienna?  

Check out our program tailored to learn not only its city model but also its vibrant social innovation ecosystem ->

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