Driving innovation: An Open System
diciembre 1, 2020

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Every day of our lives, we are faced with different situations, Events and Issues. These phenomena can be either the determinants to the obstacles and solutions to our Challenges depending on the measures and steps adopted by you and hence lead to any outcome you encounter in your life while carrying out your day to day activities.

When a team of a particular organization or group is undergoing certain tasks or projects, the leader or manager is to choose among two alternative policy or measures which is either, working with «open system» or working with «close system» to get needed results in the process of carrying any task or interacting with team members.

The aforementioned policies are explained below.

 1. Working with an Open-system:

This is the situation whereby the team is allowed to have access to the necessary details of any project, edit and make suggestions and recycle the initial project without any restriction, ie the team members have had an inclusive engagement and no one is left behind or marginalized in the task.

During Meeting or discussions, the Leader might choose to restrict the team members from making suggestions unless He gives room for Suggestions the idea of Open is like the policy of Commercialization which will encourage innovation, Creativity and industrialization of the Economy since there is Healthy competition in the Market.

 2. Working with a Closed-system:

In this case, the team members are not given the total freedom to be Innovative since they will be restricted and not given access to the full or major information about the ongoing Project and can only work on any section or part of the project when they are permitted by the Leader.

And if in a discussion or meeting the members might only be allowed to take instructions and not allowed to give suggestions unless the Leader gives room for that.

In this Working close is just like socialism system where the Government will use Laws and policies to restrict the Business productivity of an Enterprise, which in turn impedes innovation and industrialisation.

On this note, «working open» is the act of encouraging someone to try any tasks or projects when he or she asks for your opinion, while «working closely» is the act of discouraging someone from embarking on any proposed Tasks or projects when he or she seeks your opinion.  

The main focus is on taking up or deciding on the measure that will yield success and boost productivity and progress with Mutual understanding among the whole Team members and the leader.

There are times when we as individuals in our daily lives make decisions and at the end regret amid the unpleasant outcome, the only challenge is the inability to study the situation and make a good decision that will help us achieve a positive result.

Any forward-thinking leader that wants to achieve meaningful progress and attain greater heights needs to make workflow and process liberal in the workplace by adopting Open system over the  «Closed System».

The reason is that there will be Mutual understanding, inclusiveness and effective collaboration which will lead to value delivery and Teamwork when working open.

In conclusion, the act of working open enables the activeness and commitment of the members to be on the high side which will ensure efficiency and productivity in the process of Teamwork and hence ensure that everyone gets Hands-on(every one sacrifice their leisure for tasks to be done).