The Human Development Goals

The Human Development Goals

How does it work?

Defining development goals from inside-out.


What is the impact of your project on a Personal, Social and Environmental level?

The Humanity Development Goals is an agenda that collectively incorporates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Human Development Goals (HDGs), through 20 goals that seek to solve the most urgent challenges of humanity in the following years. 

The Human Development Goals (HDGs) is a human-centred agenda built on top of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which comprehends a set of 3 simple goals aiming at approaching development from inside-out.

They all connect, and there are many ways to segment them, however, choosing one of these objectives as a solution to one of the problems you address will give an even more powerful framework of intervention and collaboration to explore solutions.

What is the impact of your project on a Personal, Social and Environmental level?



1 year projected impact

a) On a personal level: (Life Purpose)

30% increase in the perception of «security» and «purpose» of all our employees and customers.

30% decrease in health problems related to polluted water.


b) On a social level: (Healthy relationships)

50 New Jobs Created in the Community

20% Reduction of economic migration from the community to the city

50% Reduction of tribal conflicts through the linking of communities in commercial agreements


c) At an environmental level: (Respectful interaction with nature)

20% decrease in water pollution.

30% increase in recycling practices at home.


Values reflect the spirit of your project and work as a moral compass that guides every decision in the project.

Values have nothing to do with consensus-building: it is about imposing a fundamental and strategically set of beliefs on a group of people.

Your core values must be integrated into all processes, decisions and communications.

From the first interview to the last working day of a member of your team, from the smallest client to the biggest, etc.

Stakeholders must be constantly reminded that your core values form the basis of every decision your team makes.

1. Leadership Self-Assessment. How can assess my leadership skills and capabilities? 2. Finding your purpose (Ikigai + Golden Circle). How can I find and link my purpose with the purpose of my project? 3. Social Innovation Matrix. How can explore problems and possible solutions?  4. Humanity Development Goals. How can we work with development more holistically? 5. Social Intervention Frame. What is the best intervention to solve a problem? 6. Social Contract. How can design and model a social innovation project? 7. The Social Innovation Canvas. How can design and model a social innovation project? 8. Impact Investor Matrix. How do the investors measure impact on projects? 9. Social Economy. How can I finance my  project beyond traditional financing models? 10. Types of Funding. How can I find the best types of funding for my project? 11. Activist Journey. How can I build a movement to solve a social problem? 12. The Social Leader Storytelling. How can I build a powerful and meaningful message for my project? 13. Kite Customer Relationship Management CRM. How can I sell and raise funds for my project? 14. Team Values. How can I build trust among my stakeholder? 15. Recruitment Venn. How can I attract, keep and communicate with the best team for my project? 16. Productivity Board. How can I work more efficiently if I don´t have a clear work process? 17. OKRs. How can I work more efficiently if I already have work process? 18. Decision-Making. How can I discuss and make better decisions with my team

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