Let´s innovate your event organization

Event Organization


We are a multi-awarded organisation based in Vienna, Austria, dedicated to the design, organization, innovation and execution of international events and educational programs.

Global Consultants - Alexis Del Rio


World-Class Programs: International Certifications, Diplomatic & Trade Missions, On-line Courses.

Attractive Destinations: Geneva, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona & Vienna.

Tailored agenda of activities: Classes, Workshops, Meetings, Visits, Networking, Culture & Fun.

Improve your funding and ticketing, 100% guaranteed.

The Global School Consultants


Marketing ready: Presentations, Banners, Social Media, E-Mail Marketing.

Material ready: Video, Photos, & Presentations.

Channels ready: Blog, Newsletter, Press, Affiliate, Allies & Social Networks.

Ticketing ready: Easy and affordable ticketing system.

Sponsorship CRM: Tailored to your needs.

Sponsors onboarding: Automatise your sponsors onboarding with proved packages.

Consultants & Trainers Marketing



Digital Tools for Virtual Education, Workshops, Conferences, Events, etc.

 Forms: For tests, quizzes and satisfaction questionaries.

Digital Diplomas and Certificates, mass, easy and ready. 

Your event website or online academy ready and optimised.


The Experience has been enlightening and inspirational, I recommended…

Sebastian Baayel - Ghana

Founder, African Entrepreneurship Centre

  • More Productivity & Focus 50% 50%
  • Better Online Presence 40% 40%
  • Effective Digitalisation 60% 60%

Thanks for the tools and the great network of change-makers who now I call my friends…

Natalia Lever - Mexico

Director, The Climate Reality Project Latam

  • More Potential Clients 70% 70%
  • More New Contacts 40% 40%
  • Improve E-Mail Deliverability 40% 40%

A purpose-driven network of Leaders is so relevant in today´s digital world.

Alexis del Rio - Austria

Director, Del Rio Consulting

  • Improve Personal Branding 100% 100%
  • More International Opportunities 80% 80%
  • More Work Satisfaction & Purpose 70% 70%


Who is this for?

We welcome any event organizers, but also Consultants, Coaches, Facilitators, Trainers, Educators and Educational Entrepreneurs.


Is this FREE?

Free consultation IS 100% FREE. 

In case you need assistance to set up your digital solutions, we charge a fixed or performance base fee. 

How much money can I generate?

Our solutions are evidence-based, aiming to reduce costs and boost your income streams. 100% guaranteed.



How does it work?

1. Book a Info session with our team.

2. Sign our contract.

3. Let´s work!



What other benefits do I have?

1. Connect with experienced event organizers around the world. 

2. Access exclusive events featured by The New Global School and its international organizations’ partners. 

3. Access to international development funds, calls, and opportunities. 



Is this a good investment?


1. We already know the industry. More than 15 years of experience across the world. 

2. Your investment pays off by avoiding the learning curve.

3. We dedicate our 100% effort, passion & talent to your success. 

Can I keep my own brand?

Of course. 

If you are investing in your own brand and name, and want to grow your business, we offer tailored and white labeled partnership:

Send us an e-mail to: hello@theglobal.school